QX1204USB/프리미엄 12입력 2/2버스 믹서, 제닉스 마이크 프리앰프, 컴프레셔, KLARK TEKNIK 멀티 FX 프로세 > 1203호 베링거

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QX1204USB/프리미엄 12입력 2/2버스 믹서, 제닉스 마이크 프리앰프, 컴프레셔, KLARK TEKNIK 멀티 FX 프로세 > 1203호 베링거

QX1204USB/프리미엄 12입력 2/2버스 믹서, 제닉스 마이크 프리앰프, 컴프레셔, KLARK TEKNIK 멀티 FX 프로세 요약정보 및 구매

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상품코드 QX1204USBA324B357
모델 QX1204USB
판매가격 407,000원
포인트 0점
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  • QX1204USB/프리미엄 12입력 2/2버스 믹서, 제닉스 마이크 프리앰프, 컴프레셔, KLARK TEKNIK 멀티 FX 프로세 (+0원)
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프리미엄 12입력 2/2버스 믹서 제닉스 마이크 프리앰프 컴프레셔 KLARK TEKNIK 멀티 FX 프로세서 무선 마이크 옵션과 USB/오디오 인터페이스
프리미엄 저소음 하이 헤드룸 아날로그 믹서 단독의 프리앰프와 호환할 수 있는 4개의 최신의 팬텀 파워 제닉스 마이크 프리앰프 쉽게 "원-노브"로 기능들과 전문 보컬과 악기용인 4개의 LED를 컨트롤 할 수 있는 스튜디오급 컴프레서 사용자 컴퓨터에 직접 연결할 수 있는 스테레오 USB / 오디오 인터페이스 내장 / 오디오 레코딩 편집 팟캐스팅 소프트웨어를 베링거 홈페이지에서 다운로드 가능 뮤지컬 사운드를 위한 네오 클래식 "브리티쉬" 3-밴드 EQ 외부 FX기기를 위한 채널 당 1 포스트 페이더 FX 센드 채널 당 2개의 aux 센즈: 모니터링을 위한 교환 가능한 1 프리/포스트 페이더 / FX 어플리케이션 1 포스트 페이더 (내부 FX용 또는 외부 센드용) 모든 채널에서의 클립 LED 음소거/앨트 3-4 솔로와 PFL 기능 추가되는 라우팅 유동성을 위한 별도의 출력단자가 있는 2개의 서브그룹  유동적인 라우팅이 되는 2개의 멀티 기능 스테레오 aux 리턴 금도금 XLR 커넥터의 밸런스 메인 믹스 출력단자 + 별도 컨트롤 룸 헤드폰과 2트랙 출력단자 멀티 입력 소스 메트릭스가 있는 컨트롤 룸 / 폰 출력단자 60mm 페이더와 로터리 컨트롤 최대의 유동성(100 - 240 V~)을 위한 스위칭 전원 공급 무소음 오디오 뛰어난 응답 + 저소비전력 고품질 부품들로 구성되어 뛰어난 수명 보장 베링거 독일본사에서 컨셉과 설계 진행
With millions of loyal and happy customers BEHRINGER XENYX mixers stand alone at the top of their class. Armed with premium microphone preamps and robust feature sets typically reserved for more expensive consoles next-generation XENYX Q Series USB mixers can handle your live gigs and provide the state-of-the-art tools to make stunning professional-quality recordings. Select models feature dedicated ”wireless-ready” integration for our new ULM Series USB microphones making them the first of their kind in the industry. Along with their built-in USB/audio interfaces “one-knob” mono channel compressors and KLARK TEKNIK FX engines (available on select models) XENYX Q Series USB mixers come with all the recording and editing software you’ll need to turn your computer into a complete high-performance recording studio.


Nothing adds the finishing touch to a live or recorded performance like really good effects so we equipped a select group of these mixers with one of the best FX engines in the industry. Designed by the world-renowned KLARK TEKNIK engineering team these high-end FX processors feature 32 studio-grade presets with dual addressable parameters Tap function and storable user parameter settings. Complete with its own dedicated level meter these effects provide a wide range of enhancement options from sweet and mild to absolutely wild!

Wireless Ready Performance

QX1204USB – QX2442USB mixers are “wireless-ready” right out of the box. Our new ULTRALINK ULM200USB (sold separately) features two high-quality 2.4 GHz wireless mics plus a special 2-channel receiver dongle that connects directly to a dedicated input port on the top of the mixers. This technologic breakthrough makes for seamless wireless integration that is easier and more affordable than ever.

What"s a Compressor?

Ask professional sound engineers what their favorite piece of external processing gear is and the response will be virtually unanimous – dynamic compression. What"s compression? Glad you asked. Compression limits the dynamic range of a signal lowering the level of loud sounds and turning up softer sounds to achieve sonic balance. But applying compression is a delicate art that many novice and even intermediate sound techs have difficulty mastering. Our “one-knob” compression is available on all mono channels and is easy to operate even for entry-level users. Now you can easily dial in the perfect amount of compression for instruments and vocals creating powerful mixes with punch and clarity. Our “one-knob” compressors come standard on each and every XENYX Q Series USB mixer.

Sonically Superior Mic Preamps

All XENYX mixers have one thing in common; great-sounding high headroom XENYX mic preamps. These state-of-the-art mic preamps are a tremendous step in the evolution of audio technology— and they can easily hold their own even when compared to expensive boutique-style mic preamps. XENYX preamps offer a staggering 130 dB of dynamic range with a bandwidth that extends from below 10 Hz to well above 200 kHz. As a result XENYX mixers provide such transparent crystal-clear performance that you just might think someone upgraded your microphones while you weren’t looking.

Sweet British EQ

The British consoles of the 1960s and ‘70s changed the sound of rock and roll. Without them the British Invasion might not have even happened. Those legendary mixing desks soon became the envy of engineers and producers all over the world. The channel EQ on our XENYX mixers is based on that very same circuitry allowing you to imbue signals with incredible warmth and detailed musical character. Even when applied generously these equalizers exhibit sweet forgiveness and superb audio quality.

Recording Ready

There was a time when the recording process called for lots of specialized gear which meant the average musician had to buy time at a recording studio—and that time was expensive! But modern technology has put personal recording well within the reach of virtually anyone with access to a computer. But how do you get all that music flying around your brain into a computer? That’s where XENYX Q Series mixers come in. Thanks to the built-in bi-directional stereo USB audio interface you can connect directly to your PC or Mac computer via a single USB cable. Now any signal source connected to the mixer can be recorded straight to your hard drive. Which brings us to software…

How About Some Free Software!

Because you’ll want to take full advantage of your XENYX QX Series mixers’ recording and podcasting potential we’ve put together a massive software download at www.behringer. com that includes Audacity (the most popular open source audio editor) Podifier Juice Podnova and Golden Ear (a great selection of podcasting software). You’re ready to go live on your PC or Mac right out of the box! You also get more than 100 virtual instruments and 50 FX plug-ins turning your computer into a complete home-based or mobile recording studio.


Ideal for both live-performance and home-based recording the XENYX Q1204USB/QX1204USB compact mixer provides 4 mono channels with premium XENYX mic preamps sweet 3-band British-style EQ plus two stereo channels. A professional-quality mixer through and through all mono channels feature true +48 V phantom power our “one knob” studio-grade compressor and two Aux Sends (one pre/post fader selectable per channel one post-fader). Two stereo Aux Returns are provided for use with external FX modules. You also get our seamless wireless mic functionality (QX1204USB only) thanks to the built-in ULM receiver port. The built-in USB audio interface provides bi-directional transfer of signals between the mixer and your computer. The handy Mute/ALT 3-4 function allows you to tap into 4-Bus capability.

Outstanding Value

No matter what your audio mixing needs are BEHRINGER QX Series USB mixers provide the performance and features to take your talent to the next level at a price sure to amaze you. Try one on today—we"ve got one in your size!


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모델명 QX1204USB
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2. 온라인 송금을 하신 경우에는 입금확인후 익일부터 배송 기간에 포함합니다.
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3. 주문하신 상품이 훼손되어 배달된 경우, 상품을 수령한 날로부터 3일내에 구매를 취소하실 수 있습니다.
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5. 주문하신 상품이 물류 특성상 다른 시간대에 배송이 될수도 있습니다.


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